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January 4, 2021
Maayan Greens
November 3, 2020

Paukwa Stories

Paukwa Stories is a place dedicated to positive stories about Kenya

Paukwa invites people to remember the joys of stories from their childhood days and to get lost in new familiar or unknown ideas about the daily things that surround us

The Approach

Paukwa Stories already had a website and invited us to redesign and reimagine their online presence

Going along with this brief we began prototyping simple user flows on navigating the website. We did not get it right the first time but after a few user flows we nailed it on the head.

The Solution

With the prototypes and designs in hand we set out developing the solution

The technology stack is:

  • Wordpress for the CMS
  • HTML5 and JavaScript for the front-end interaction and
  • Google Analytics for reports and website analytics
  • Lazy loading for images