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June 26, 2019
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February 1, 2019


Henrok 6 is a flour milling company in Nakuru Kenya

The company was started to provide consistently good quality flour products for complete satisfaction of their customers through the commitment of their well-motivated workforce.

The Approach

Henrok 6 did not have a web presence and they needed a simple one page solution to show who they are and what they do

With the brief in hand we sat down and started working on the design layout for the website in low fidelity mock-ups. After few iterations we had the layout all mapped out. The next challenge was to incorporate their color and typography without making the website look and feel cluttered

Since the website had a very visual direction we had to play around with the content to present it as easily as possible and still engage the audience

The Solution

The Techology Stack:

  • Wordpress for the CMS
  • HTML5 and JavaScript for the front-end interaction and
  • Google Analytics for reports and website analytics
  • Lazy loading for images