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May 24, 2019
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January 10, 2019

Mercury Healthcare

Mercury Healthcare Solutions was established as an importer and distributor as well as a healthcare solutions provider with a aim of improving access to healthcare with a particular interest in the specialized field of Oncology within the East Africa region

The intention of Mercury Healthcare Solutions is to provide solutions that ensure that cancer chemotherapy is executed in the right way: from providing the technical know-how of setting up an oncology facility to supplying the appropriate medications and therapies required. This includes personal protection for all medical personnel handling chemotherapy drugs as well as Cold Chain Installation, handling and management services

The Approach

Mercury Healthcare needed a website to bring out their brand presence and also an online shop

The team sat down to work out the design thinking bit of the project plus creating personas of users of the website

Content was a major aspect that the client wanted to come about as a thought leader so a blog had to be present

With the online shop we had to showcase the items being sold in a clean and professional way, due to the nature of the products they had different ordering options based on the specifications and size, so the shop had to accommodate for this

The Solution

With the prototypes and designs in hand we set out developing the solution

Since we had to develop an eCommerce solution security and payment data was something we had to really take seriously.

The technology stack is:

  • Wordpress for the CMS
  • WooCommerce for the online shop
  • HTML5 and JavaScript for the front-end interaction and
  • Google Analytics for reports and website analytics
  • Local payment integration MPESA
  • Lazy loading for images