Eden Soil Organix
August 26, 2019
Henrok 6
May 24, 2019

Motion Pictures

Motion Pictures Ltd are a leading experiential marketing agency with a passion for building strong chemistry between brands and consumers. They have a renowned reputation for creating unforgettable live brand experiences

The Approach

Motion Pictures already had a website but they needed it revamped to show their creative nature and breadth of work

We sat down with their team and had a discovery session to see get a feel of the direction they wanted the site to head in and also their aesthetic pallet

With the direction set we had to deal with the large number of images assets and also keeping the website load times fast

The Solution

With the prototypes and designs in hand we set out developing the solution

Since the website had alot of images we had to optimise load times through different implementation methods

The technology stack is:

  • Wordpress for the CMS
  • HTML5 and JavaScript for the front-end interaction and
  • Google Analytics for reports and website analytics
  • Lazy loading for images