Mercury Healthcare
February 1, 2019
October 1, 2018

Pioneer Insurance

Pioneer Insurance has been around since 1930

We approached this project to see how we can make buying, claiming and renewing insurance an easy and convenient task

The app is just a prototype and we were not contracted by the insurance firm to develop it. This is just our take on how an insurance app would function

The Approach

We looked at their website and saw that there is a lot of information on it and traversing through it to get the information you need is quite hectic

What would a perfect insurance app look like? This question was at the base of the design language we decided to use

The Solution

Our solution to this problem was a simple clean app with the following functionalities

  • Apply for new insurance
  • Make and insurance claim
  • Get location of closest insurance office
  • Make payments directly from the app
  • Get notification on renewals
  • Chat an insurance agent directly from the app